Is it wrong to lust after furniture?

Jeremy and I have been married 5 years now. Unlike many other people we know – our stuff has been given to us or bought at garage sales or off a friend of a friend. We bought our kitchen table, a few other table/cabinet/bookshelves and that’s about it. The chairs we have in our living room set are at least 15 years old or more. And they are so broken down that most people are afraid they are going to fall right out the seat when they sit down. One is literally broken as it popped a spring the other day (HA!).

I keep going back and forth about whether we should get new stuff or not. I mean we have a child and plan for more. And Lord knows moving seems to ruin your furniture (as I found after moving two times and about to move a third time). Should I wait and let this stuff get ruined and get more later, or do I go for it now?

So, I’m lusting after furniture-and rightly so….I think. But not any furniture…no, I’m lusting after the parmesean button-tufted chair that’s 55% off retail price on It’s originally almost $500.00 and it’s on sale for $199.95. My tongue is hanging out of my mouth. I’m pretty sure I looked at it 12 times yesterday. And of course, they only have 6 left. (of course)

Wanna see it? Of course you do…. 

It’s great, isn’t it? And the price is crazy…I wonder how much shipping would be…that’s where I’d take it you know…

So, here I am, lusting after furniture.  I thought maybe I was coveting,…but I’m definately willing to buy it. Therefore, I’m thinking that’s more lust. Stupid Blue Like Jazz book making me feel all convicted…starving children in foreign countries and all.

It’s such a pretty chair….


3 thoughts on “Lusting After Furniture

  1. I say buy yourself a few nice pieces of furniture. And then every year try to add a nice peice. If you wait for the kids to grow old, you’ll never get anything. Maybe get a few things that aren’t way too expensive, so you won’t panic if juice is spilled ect. You deserve to have a nice chair to sit on that you won’t fall out of the bottom of:) Love ya!

  2. I agree with Crystal. Sounds like a really good deal unless the shipping gets ya. Can’t wait to come out and see you all…only 27 more days!!!!! Yay!!!!!

  3. Definitely buy something new for your new place. Even if it’s not new, buy something nice that’s new to you! We recently bought a new couch and loveseat off of craigslist that I love – it matches and was in great condition and was only $150. Yes, it was used but was so nice and is a great compromise for us right now since we can’t really afford to spend thousands on new furniture. Also, if the kids spill it isn’t a big deal! Anyway, it is much better than living with the mismatched ancient furniture that had been given to us over the last 7 years…

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