Well, we move in a little less than five weeks and apparently, we’ll be crazy busy until that day arrives! It may sound silly, but I seriously did not think my appointment book would have a month as full as it has for this month and for the subsequent months to follow.

This whole week is kind of a funny week. This Friday is the United States Army’s Birthday. Hilarious huh? So all week long the guys are doing what they like to call “schamming.” Save for the 10 mile march they have to do tomorrow. Ok-so PT (that’s physical training) will be actually pretty decent all week-Jeremy ran 3 miles this morning at a fast pace-but that’s it.

On Wednesday, they are getting released early and having a big barbeque. Families and the like are all invited. Then Thursday (Flag Day) they are getting released early and having a competitive softball game. (I think it’s the NCO’s -non commissioned officers-against all the other guys i.e. lower enlisted, non officer types.) Then they get the day off on Friday (we are going to go to Mt. Rainier!). But there is a big carnival on post this weekend. Games and fattening food – you know how that goes. On Saturday, we have a surprise birthday party to go to – we even got a babysitter! It’s a grown up thing – wine, cheese, bbq…yay! But then it gets icky after that.

On Monday, (the 18th) Jeremy starts a field exercise (we call them FTX) and it goes from that day through Thursday. So I will not see him basically all week. Then he gets the weekend off. (And we have a busy weekend of birthday parties and mini-road trips.) Then the next week, starting on Tuesday (the 26th) Jeremy has a sniper training course he’ll be attending. Which means he’ll leave Tuesday morning and I won’t see him until Friday. 😦

MAN! Then the next week is the fourth of July. Jer only works Monday and Friday of that week (but we’ll start packing that whole week). Then the next week we sign paper work and hopefully…that Friday (the 13th) we will move into our new house! CRAZINESS!

Isn’t that nuts? So part of me is bummed we didn’t know in a more advanced fashion about Jeremy being gone so much the next couple weeks because I could have flown home to St. Louis.  And another part just says “oh well”. Early in April….it may have been March actually, the other guys in Jeremy’s company were saying that the summer would be busy and they would be doing a lot of training exercises and would be gone a lot. So I guess it’s just beginning. I’m sure we’ll stay busy – but we’ll miss Jer those days he’ll be gone.

Also – we’ve been thinking about getting a dog. There is a place here in Washington called the Washington German Shepherd Rescue and we’ve been looking at adopting a dog from them. We like German Shepherd’s an awful lot – they are calm dogs, but like to play, loyal, not given to barking a lot and good with children etc. True they shed like crazy, but that’s just one for the con’s list. This weekend, we went and looked into pet insurance and dog food and all that stuff to price out what it’ll cost us monthly. (Met a gal at Petsmart-the dog trainer- who has 2 german shepherds and talked to her for a long time). We still aren’t sure and we may wait a bit longer. We know that’s soooooooooo much responsibility and commitment. It’s really like having another family member. Definitely not something to enter into lightly. So we are thinking about it. We keep a running list of the pro’s and con’s to having a dog. A couple of the guys (Jeremy’s buddies) have said they would watch the house and the dog if we needed them to – and I trust about 3 of them. So that’s pretty nice to know we’d have help if we needed to get outta dodge and head to St. Louie.

Additionally, we found one more reason to love Craigslist! Need moving boxes? Just sign on and type it in the search. We are in need of some moving boxes – as we were nerds and got rid of ours (because I was SO sick of boxes) and you know, boxes are not cheap. At $3.00 per box, you can buy those plastic rubbermaid bins for almost (almost) the same price! But have no fear, craigslist is here! We found all kinds of people with boxes. Isn’t that great?

We also have been getting more involved with our church – Rainier View Christian Church. We filled out applications to help out with the youth this past week. Not sure if we want to do junior high or senior high – but we are checking it out. I keep saying that I have no reason NOT to serve. I really don’t do anything else that would take away from being able to do that. I am home with Coop all week. This fall I’ll have MOPS twice a month, so that’ll be fun. But Jer and I need something to invest in together – so we’re checking this out. Plus – kids are one of the best ways to get to know people at a church. And we miss our kids from efree’s junior high ministry :(. Too bad they are all grown up and in senior high now! Or worse – COLLEGE! Ugh…we feel old.

That’s the scoop on the Nevil’s lately. Getting busy but enjoying what we are doing. Still building some great relationships with the guys in Jeremy’s company. It’s so fun having them over for dinner on Sunday nights and getting to know their personalities better – hear their stories, etc.

Hope you are all doing well too! We didn’t do much this weekend, so no new pics on the flickr site. But in the coming weeks I’m sure we’ll get more up there. Especially with the fun times going on this week.


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