It is mid-2007 and it’s obvious all around that next year is an election year. So far, all I hear about are the democrats. Not that I’m a big fan of any of the running republicans, but some of the dems are making me even more deeply annoyed. And I’m annoyed over the conversations about Iraq. Partly because my life is so directly tied to what they think should be done and partly for other reasons.

Jeremy and I love history. We talk about past wars and conflicts actually pretty often. Most conversations seem to circulate around World War I and II and a little on Vietnam. Jeremy knows so much about these wars and is often explaining to me the importance of certain strategic events that happened. Bottom line, we are big believers in the saying “history repeats itself.” It certainly does…

I find history repeating itself in the undertones and voices from the American people and the Democrats (and some republicans). But what bothers me so much is that I hear a lot of things that sound like Isolationism to me. This idea that we should keep our nose out of other people’s business in hope that we won’t be bothered by the sins of others. This idea that we should keep to ourselves-it’s cowardice in the worst way and it makes me sick!

Do these people really think that if we just hunker down and don’t “bother” anyone else in the world that they won’t bother us? What fools! 9-11 was an unprovoked attack on our country. Hello!

And today in the news is yet another reminder of the follies of isolationism. A mass grave was discovered in the Ukraine near Odessa. Here’s the link to the story on fox news. I typed in Babi Yar in google to learn more about the cities there. The story from wikepedia is a dark reminder of the terror and evil of the Nazis. And may I remind you that there are many today (the President of Iran for starters) who deny that the Holocaust ever happened and explain it away! Madness!

There were many people in America who thought that we should keep our nose out of what the Nazis were doing in Europe. They said, hey, they aren’t bothering us, why should we go over there and die for them when we aren’t involved? It took Pearl Harbor for us to buck up and do something – even though we really were only going after Japan.
I hear a lot of that tone today with people who think we should high-tail it out of Iraq. And what of Darfur, Sudan? What of the evils going on there?

Can American get in over it’s head? Sure. But a deeper question is what kind of a world would we live in if we allowed evil – dark, sinister and satanic evil like those events described by the Nazis, like the things Sadaam was doing to innocents in Iraq, like what is happening to the people of Darfur – if we just allow that evil to succeed and don’t step in – what fool would truly believe it would never come to us?  And better yet, what fool would believe that is the kind of world they want to live in. (Even deeper – what kind of person can say that the evils done to people in those aforementioned situations is not absolute evil? Who can deny such atrocities done to man?)

So far, I don’t like the suggestions of any presidential running politicians about Iraq. I intend to better educate myself on all of these candidates and hear what they have to say about these international humanitarian crisis that the world is experiencing. But in the mean time, when are we going to have the courage to stand up to evil?

Can you imagine a world where the Nazis were allowed to prevail? May all our blood turn cold at the thought.


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