Recently, Cooper has been constipated off and on. Whereas he used to have a bowel movement more than once a day and like clockwork – they are less predictable and less often in the last month or so.

Well, yesterday was such a day. He hadn’t had a bm all day and he was eating very little. Plus he kept walking around holding his nose and saying “Poop Momma” and trying to go.  I knew he was uncomfortable and I tried thinking of what I could give him to help him out a bit. Then I remembered; when we switched Cooper from formula to regular whole milk, my Grammie told me that if he gets a bit stopped up, to put a tablespoon or so of Karo syrup in his milk. So I thought, hey, can’t hurt anything, and I put some Karo syrup in his milk around mmm….probably around noon.

He didn’t really eat much for lunch, but he did drink his doctored milk. I put him down for a nap and hoped he’d wake up relieved…you know?

Well, I got nothing. So the rest of the day went on and Cooper continued to tell me he wanted to poop.

That evening, Daddy was giving Cooper a nice, hot, and relaxing bath. When Coop was all clean, Jeremy started draining the tub (with Cooper in it) and he stepped out of the bathroom to tell me something. So we chatted for a second. Then he went back in the bathroom and said “OH NO!”

Yup – Cooper had pooped in the tub. But the story doesn’t end there….no, no.

Mommy hazmat came in with disinfectant advice for Daddy and I got Cooper ready for bed. But it was Jeremy’s turn to put him down. So I stepped out and did whatever I was doing while Jer put Cooper down for bed (bottle, stories and such).

Recently, Jeremy started praying with Cooper at night before bed. While he was praying and thanking God for Mommy and Daddy, Grandma and Grandpa, and various other things that had happened that day – Cooper stopped drinking his bottle,  looked up at Jeremy and said, “poop.”  Jeremy laughed and said, “You want to thank God for poop?” and Cooper said “Ha” (which is Cooper-eez for yes).

And that is how Cooper thanked God for poop.



2 thoughts on “Cooper Thanks God for Poop

  1. Gotta love it! I love the pictures….however, I think Dad needs to take the camera sometimes and get some of Mom and son!!!!

    Love ya!!!

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